Natural selection.

What does the statement ”ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE NAZIS” mean? It can only mean that if as a white person even if you are vehemently anti racist, and you choose a white wife or husband then you are a Nazi. This is because this is about as ”racist” as the vast majority of white people get, in that they infinitely and naturally prefer their own race when it comes to marriage, relationships and offspring. White people naturally select their own race. You may say “I am never racist, but I don’t want a non-white partner,” but in the eyes of antifa this makes you a racist Nazi. The hundreds of millions of ordinary and sensible (white-partnered) Europeans should come to together and crush this scourge of antifa!

Actual stickers being sold by Brighton antifa on their site.


Consider compassion, how can Australopithecus or Lower Palaeolithic man be compassionate toward animals, when they themselves were not yet masters of the animal kingdom or even worse still prey themselves? It is impossible, compassion simply did not exist. Compassion is technical, in that you must, for instance, first attain advanced weapons, technologies and infrastructure such as gunpowder, muskets, rifles, nuclear weapons, automobiles, militaries, police, emergency services, roads, buildings, bridges and skyscrapers etc before you can be compassionate toward animals. It is not a case of hey compassion for compassion’s sake like the Buddha. Compassion is not free of charge, it is a definite and tangible deal or bargain. Only now that I am invincibly safe and secure from wild animals in my city, town or fortress and surrounded by guns, and now that I have an overabundance and surplus of food, energy and resources etc can or will I be compassionate toward animals. It is like saying to ‘bear’ “I have a nuke now, therefore I am compassionate toward you.” This is something bear will never understand, in that it is ironic that once you attain nuclear weapons that you are therefore by definition compassionate toward animals. To reiterate, compassion is something technical, it is only attained through a collective effort, through taming the wild and through civilisation. You can only be compassionate once there is no competition.

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